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Behind the scenes India William interviewing U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester, Feb. 22, 2019, Wilmington, DE. Photo By Saquan Stimpson

About WITN

WITN has the singular opportunity – and the responsibility – to provide quality local content that inspires residents about their communities, increases their knowledge about the City government and services, and supports their commitment to living in and improving the City they call home.

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WITN’s Mission

WITN provides topical and city-specific information and shares stories, places, events and activities across Wilmington in order to honor the past, engage with the present, and inspire the future.


WITN actively works to create a multifaceted platform whose sole purpose is to ensure Wilmington residents are informed about government affairs and services, opportunities for civic and community engagement, and cultural affairs to help build a strong future.


Trust WITN will earn and retain the trust of the community.


WITN staff, freelancers, interns volunteers, and associates will demonstrate integrity in personal and professional interactions.


WITN is committed to serving our Council and the City of Wilmington with the utmost creativity, the highest professional standards, and complete professional commitment.

Broader Focus

WITN focuses specifically on the City of Wilmington and interests of our residents and we stay true to that focus whether we are exploring local issues or highlighting local connections in other parts of the County, State, and Region.