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Outstanding Career Opportunity: Wilmington Fire Department Now Seeking Recruits for 43rd Fire Academy

January 29, 2024

Applications will be accepted starting today and continue until February 23, 2024

Mayor Mike Purzycki and Chief of Fire John Looney announced today that the City of Wilmington is seeking individuals who would like to become a City firefighter. They note that potential candidates will need to prepare for the extensive application and training process prior to the opening of the new fire academy in late May. Applications for the City’s 43rd fire academy, which are available online at this link, will be accepted until Friday, February 23, 2024. Applications are also available online here.

“Being a Wilmington firefighter is not easy,” said Mayor Purzycki, “but it is an extremely rewarding form of public service. Chief Looney and I know that it takes a special individual to risk his or her life in service to the larger community and I have the highest regard for the men and women who do just that for Wilmington each and every day. I can think of few careers that are more challenging and rewarding at the same time.” Staffing for the Fire Department is currently below 95% of the authorized or budgeted levels (due to retirements and other forms of attrition), which is the trigger that enables the City to schedule a new academy to replenish personnel. The authorized strength of the Fire Department is 156, with 147 positions currently staffed. The exact number of recruits needed for the department will be determined as the opening of the academy draws closer.Details for the 43rd Wilmington Fire Academy are as follows:

  • Application period will be open from Monday, January 29 through February 23, 2024.
  • The opening date of the fire academy is expected to be late May 2024 while the anticipated date for graduation is mid-September 2024.
  • For information about becoming a Wilmington firefighter, contact Battalion Chief Robert Pryor at 302.576.3179 or by email at

The initial screening process for the academy will include a written exam, a physical agility test, and interview panels that will include a Chief’s interview.