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Wilmington Addresses Taste and Odor Issues with City Drinking Water

July 9, 2024

The City of Wilmington’s Water Division, now known as Wilmington Water, informs residents of temporary, seasonal taste and odor issues in the city’s drinking water. Recent weather conditions have created an ideal environment for algal growth in the source water, resulting in an earthy odor and taste in the tap water.

### Key Points:
– **Safety:** The water remains safe for consumption and everyday use. Wilmington Water’s treatment plants effectively remove algae, and rigorous water quality monitoring ensures that all federal and state standards are met.

– **Aesthetic Issues:** Despite effective treatment, some taste and odor issues can persist due to the sensitivity of human senses to these compounds.
– **Ongoing Measures:** The City is implementing additional steps within the treatment processes to address these aesthetic concerns. An engineering analysis has also recommended enhancing treatment capabilities to better manage these issues.
– **Weather Impact:** Current issues are likely to persist until weather conditions change and reduce the potential for algal growth in the source water.

### Consumer Tips:
– **Reduce Taste and Odor:** Pour water into a pitcher and refrigerate it overnight to minimize the earthy taste and odor.

### Commitment:
Wilmington Water apologizes for any inconvenience and is committed to finding long-term solutions to these seasonal issues. While weather conditions contributing to algal growth cannot be controlled, efforts to improve the water treatment process are ongoing.

For more information, contact the City’s Water Quality Laboratory at (302) 571-4158 or email