City of Wilmington, Delaware

Paul Kennard

Station Manager
  • Producer, Videographer and Editor of “Breakfast with the Governor” and “Wilmington In the Middle of it All,” including “Where In Wilmington”
  • Producer, Writer, Videographer, Editor and Anchor for “Update News,” “Two Minute Drill” and “For The Record”
  • Producer, Videographer and Editor for WITN22 of “Healthy Wilmington Update,” “Governor’s Weekly Message” and “President’s Weekly Message”
  • Floor Director and Videographer  for “Window On Wilmington”
  • Camera Operator, Audio, Graphics and Floor Manager for Wilmington City Council and Committee Meetings
  • Editor of WITN station ID’s and Public Service Announcements
  • Producer/Director since 1997

Previously worked in Los Angeles, CA in the production of television commercials, films and music videos. City of Wilmington Employee of the Year 2009. Finalist in 2009 for National Preservation Award and New Castle County Historic Preservation Award. University of Delaware – Journalism Major & History Minor

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Paul Colsey

Deputy Station Manager
  • Producer, Director, Editor and Videographer of “Update News
  • Producer and Videographer of “Two-Minute Drill
  • Producer of “Content Delaware: Wilmington Edition”
  • Associate Producer/Assistant Director/Videographer of “Wilmington In the Middle of It All” and “Breakfast with the Governor”
  • Videographer and Assistant Floor Manager for  “Window On Wilmington”
  • Videographer, Set Design and Assistant Floor Manager for “For The Record”
  • Videographer, Camera Operator, Director, Floor Manager and Editor  for WITN productions including: City Council and Committee Meetings, specialty programs and Public Service Announcements

Previously worked in film, video and commercial productions on the local and national level, including NFL Films, CNN, CSPAN, Banyan Productions, Bunim/Murray, Comcast and more. Wrote, produced and directed short films that were selected and shown on the national film festival circuit, winning various awards including best short film, audience selection, cineservices cinematography & lighting award. Temple University – B.A. in Film and the Media Arts

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Kyle Bressler


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Wendell Raulston

Senior Producer/Technical Advisor

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Yesenia Taveras

Sr. Producer/On-Air Talent
  • Producer, Videographer, Editor, Writer and Host for “Latinos en Accion con Yesenia Taveras,” plus its online segments and newsletters.
  • Producer, Videographer, Editor, Spanish Script Writer and Anchor of “Primeras Noticias Locales,” plus its online segments and newsletters.
  • Department liaison to the Hispanic community.
  • Translates announcements for Message Board and WITN22 En Espanol.
  • Director, Camera Operator, Floor Manager, Audio, and Graphics for City Council and Committee meetings.
  • Director, Producer, Videographer, Writer, and Editor for WITN productions in Spanish including: Public Service Announcements and WITN22enEspanol Twitter Account.
  • Production Assistant for “Window On Wilmington.”

Previously worked for local and national television, radio and magazine publications, including Black Enterprise Magazine, Career Communications Group, ESPN, WPVI-TV 6, Def Jam records, Delaware’s Comcast Leased Access Channel and more.

B.A. in Communications from Morgan State University with Magna Cum Laude Honors.

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Lorena S. Wooten

Digital Media/ Web Content Coordinator
  • Uploading and programming of video to telecast over WITN22,
  • Maintaining of WITN’s web presence and video message board,
  • Troubleshooting basic video and computer problems,
  • Develop marketing plans with graphic designs and digital video.
  • Create and maintain Social Media accounts
  • Produced and host “Social Cam”

Previously worked Positive Directions performing individual and group crisis management counseling for High School.

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Saquan Stimpson

Digital Media Producer

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