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Wilmington’s Emergency Alert System to Undergo Testing on Friday, February 23, 2024

February 20, 2024

The City of Wilmington is set to test its Emergency Alert and Notification system on Friday, February 23, 2024. Scheduled for approximately 10:45 in the morning, the sirens will sound, accompanied by verbal announcements as part of the test.

Thirteen sirens spread across the city will be activated for a duration of three to five minutes. These sirens, installed in 2005, serve as an additional measure to notify Wilmington residents and businesses in case of an actual emergency. They undergo yearly monitoring and testing by BayComm Inc [].


What does an emergency siren look like? Emergency siren on Swedes Landing Road


Integrated into the city’s emergency notification framework are subscription-based Smart 911 [] and the non-subscription Integrated Public Alert Warning System [] (IPAWS). Through IPAWS, messages and calls can be disseminated to cell devices in specified areas.

The test will be administered by Willie Patrick, the Emergency Management Director for the City of Wilmington. Questions or concerns regarding the test can be directed to Willie Patrick at 302.576.3915 or via email at

Below is the list of Emergency Alert and Notification Sirens located in Wilmington, Delaware:

1. Hausel Road (Port of Wilmington)

2. New Castle Avenue and Garasches Lane

3. 400 Swedes Landing Road (Marine Station 7)

4. East 23rd and North Church streets (Brown-Burton Winchester Park)

5. East 35th and North Market streets

6. North Monroe and Barrett streets (P.S. DuPont Middle School)

7. West 18th Street and Baynard Boulevard (Brandywine Park)

8. 400 West 2nd Street (Fire Station 1)

9. Gilpin Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue (Kentmere Parkway)

10. West 5th Street and North Cleveland Avenue (Mack Park)

11. West 3rd and North DuPont streets (Judy Johnson Park)

12. 1000 North Market Street (Rodney Square)

13. West 10th and North Franklin streets (Cool Spring Park)