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November 3, 2021

DOVER, Del. – To commemorate the one-year anniversary of Barclays’ global commitment to its Race at Work agenda, the firm’s US Consumer Bank announced its financial investment of $1 million in Delaware State University’s Global Institute for Equity, Inclusion and Civil Rights.

Del State’s Global Institute is a network designed to develop and share proven pathways for transforming communities of color and close the gap to an inclusive economy, by focusing projects on the areas of equity, inclusion and civil rights.

Barclays announced the $1 million donation to DSU during its Nov. 2 event in which Barclays also dedicated its newly refurbished U.S. headquarters in the Wilmington Riverfront area on S. West Street.

“Our partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are a critical component of our Race at Work agenda,” said Azura Mason, the Global Head of Race at Work, Barclays. “We are committed with our time, talent and resources to truly make a difference in the communities we serve. HBCUs are not only a talent pool, but they are also on the forefront of creating solutions for societal inequity. Delaware State University is a leader in the HBCU community, and we are glad to continue our long-standing partnership.”

“Delaware State University’s relationship with Barclays US Consumer Bank has been strong for a decade,” said Dr. Tony Allen, President of Delaware State University. “While we certainly celebrate the magnitude of this particular gift, what we particularly treasure is Barclays’ long-term commitment to our students and our ideal of equal educational access for all. This is the true definition of partnership, and there are many students and alumni who have benefited from it.”

The donation is a continuation of the strong relationship that Barclays has had with the University over the last ten years. That has included a Mentor-Protegés Program with Del State students, the corporation’s technical and financial support of a Technology and Training Center established on the top floor of the University Commons, and its workforce development collaboration with the University’s Adult and Continuing Education programs.

The Global Institute supports and integrates existing entities at the university and partners with organizations and diverse leaders with a shared value and social infrastructure to target resources to historically marginalized communities. The Institute primarily focuses on building equitable opportunities for global communities of color through community and economic development; case studies; market data; analytics; and participants’ actual lived experiences. To address global challenges and share proven pathways to transform communities, established entities include:


  • The Center for Neighborhood Revitalization Research was established to bridge the research-practice gap in community and neighborhood revitalization by serving as the research partner with communities, nonprofit and social service providers, and government agencies.
  • The Center for Health Disparities is focused on the solution-based research for understanding the disparate impact of disease and infection on communities of color. The center is anchored in the University’s new Molecular Diagnostic and Human Genomic testing lab.
  • The Academy of Healing Trauma Institute supports professionals to skillfully address adverse childhood experiences, race-based trauma, community violence, and organizational trauma.
  • The Center for Global Africa is designed to connect and advance the mutual capacity of Africa, the Diaspora, and HBCUs to devise institutional collaborations under the aegis of the African Union to foster joint 21st-century progress.


The exclusive partnership with Barclays will also provide access to a guest lecture series with the bank’s senior leadership and establish programming focused on economic empowerment. Funding for the initiative will be distributed as a part of the bank’s Community Reinvestment Act program.

“The critical piece here is access, both for our students and our researchers, to Barclays incredible intellectual capital,” said Dr. Michael Casson, Dean of the College of Business and Interim Director of the Global Institute. “The insights and benefits of professional experience they will receive is invaluable in terms of creating and sustaining the kinds of impactful partnerships we are trying to create, while simultaneously better preparing our students for their chosen careers.”

“At Barclays, we are deeply committed to economic growth and increasing access to capital in underserved communities,” said Adam Ahmad, Community Reinvestment Act Officer, Barclays US Consumer Bank. “The economy is not working for everyone, and too many communities of color are locked out of pathways to work and opportunity. We will continue to invest above and beyond what is required by CRA (the federal Community Reinvestment Act).”

PHOTO CUTLINE – (l-r) Denny Nealon, CEO of Barclays US Consumer Bank, DSU President Tony Allen, and Richard Haworth, CEO of Barclays Americas, hold a $1 million display check symbolizing the corporations dontation in support of the University’s Global Institute for Equity, Inclusion and Civil Rights.