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National Sickle Cell Day

June 8, 2021

National Sickle Cell Day

On June 19th, National Sickle Cell Day,  Dr. Anderson will be hosting a virtual forum in partnership with XICKLE speaking on Holistic medicine used to help treat Sickle Cell Anemia.

Dr. Nina Anderson, International Speaker, Classically Trained Violinist, Health Educator and owner of Tova Community Health. Dr. Anderson is a nurse practitioner with a doctored in nursing. Her platform services primary patients who suffer from Sickle Cell Anemia which primarily affects the African American Community.  Understanding the health disparities in the African American Community, Dr. Anderson wanted to address the most dismissed disease; Sickle Cell Armenia. 

Dr. Anderson knows  the intensity of pain and the over prescribing of pain medicine given to the sickle cell community so she makes it her mission to also educate and treat her patience on Holistic Medicine and Music Therapy to help with pain management and reduced the over use of opioids prescriptions. Dr. Anderson stays close and connected to her patients especially during this Covid 19 pandemic through Telemedicine Video calls, FB Tova Tuesday live feeds and videos and Direct Q and A messages.

Dr. Anderson also teaches at Delaware State University and has recently prior to Covid 19 traveled to South Korea educating their country on the health disparities in the African American community and Sickle Cell Anemia in the United States.