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Mayor Purzycki, Chief Tracy Release an Additional Chapter 
of the WPD Policy and Procedures Manual

July 27, 2020

City officials have now released six of the eight chapters of the manual to promote support and cooperation among City police officers and residents

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and Police Chief Robert J. Tracy today released another of the eight chapters of the Wilmington Police Department’s (WPD) Policy and Procedures Manual. As a pledge of support for racial justice reforms, City officials are promoting more transparency regarding City policing policies.

Today, Chapter 3 of the manual, which relates to the organization and functions of the WPD’s Uniformed Services Division, the Special Operations Division, and the Support Services Unit, is
being released. The latest chapter is available for viewing or download at this link to the Wilmington Police Department’s (WPD) webpage where all public portions of the manual can be found.

The WPD’s Use of Force Policy (which is a section of Chapter 6 of the manual) was the first policy released for public review on June 11. Since then, Chapters 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8 have been posted publicly. They address the use of force, the organization of the police department, duties and responsibilities of officers; probation, resignation, retirement, and reinstatement of officers; general conduct of officers and the administration of discipline.

Mayor Purzycki and Chief Tracy said the ongoing process of public review of policing policies is an effort to create more transparency and understanding of policing and therefore promote more support and cooperation among City police officers and residents.

The remaining sections and chapters of the manual are being reviewed by the WPD and City Law Department to omit confidential police investigative procedures and will be released as soon as possible.