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Wilmington Will Resume 
Metered and Limited Time Parking Enforcement on July 13

July 8, 2020

Street cleaning and other services remain suspended; city government buildings will remain closed to the public but access to all City services is available by phone, on-line, and at a pick-up/drop-off area in the government building lobby

The City of Wilmington announced today that parking enforcement, including parking meters and other limited-time regulations, which was largely suspended in March, will resume on Monday, July 13 in the Downtown and Riverfront Districts. The decision to resume customary parking enforcement is part of an effort to support local businesses by making it easier for patrons to park as they visit retail sites and restaurants. Many businesses are providing a combination of curbside pick-up and on-site services, including expanded outdoor dining with valet parking.

Mayor Purzycki, Photo By Giovanna Andrews

“Various needs have to be balanced in the COVID era as we all try to maneuver through it,” said Mayor Purzycki. “So, while metered and other time-based parking enforcement will resume assisting Downtown and Riverfront businesses, we will continue to suspend other types of enforcement because there are still many people working from home. The City will continue to assess what’s best for Wilmington as we adjust to the pandemic.”

Parking Regulation Enforcement Officers (PREOs) will also continue issuing citations for other parking infractions such as blocking fire hydrants, intersections, and driveways.


Market Street is seen with minimal activity Friday, April 07, 2020, in Wilmington, D

Market Street is seen with minimal activity Friday, April 07, 2020, in Wilmington, DE. SAQUAN STIMPSON

The Mayor said residents who live Downtown and have been parking in metered spaces during the enforcement suspension can temporarily park-off street for free thanks to the generosity of Jed Hatfield, President of Colonial Parking, Inc. []  Residents should contact Colonial Parking at 302-651-3600 for more information about parking availabilities.

The following services and programs will continue to be suspended until further notice:

• booting and towing of vehicles for delinquent fines and fees owed to the City

• street cleaning so residents working from home do not have to move their vehicles

• two-hour neighborhood parking restrictions because large numbers of residents are still working from home

• Water utility service disconnections although residents and businesses are urged to make at least partial payments to prevent further delinquencies

• Sheriff Sales

The City Finance Department reminds residents to renew their residential parking permits online and reminds businesses that net profits tax filings, originally due in January, are now due by July 15.


An interior view of the city County building which is now closed to the public until further notice

An interior view of the city County building which is now closed to the public until further notice Friday, March 27, 2020, in Wilmington, DE. SAQUAN STIMPSON

City government buildings will remain closed to the public, but City services, as well as answers to questions, are still available each weekday by phone (302.576.2620) and via the internet

•A document pick-up and drop-off center in the lobby of the Redding Government Building on French Street will remain available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

•Residents and businesses can also submit payments for water/sewer, parking tickets, property taxes,

and wage taxes and submit business licenses and L&I permit applications at the lobby drop-off center. An L&I representative will contact you to process your application and arrange for you to receive the proper paperwork and make a payment if needed

•You can also visit to make an online payment

•You can also visit for business license applications from the Finance Department and L&I permit applications