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Governor Carney Directs Two-Week Closure of Delaware Public Schools

March 14, 2020

State to close schools March 16 through 27 to prepare for potential spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor John Carney on Friday directed all Delaware public schools close from March 16-27, to allow schools to prepare for potential spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The following is an excerpt from a letter Governor Carney sent to superintendents and charter school leaders on Friday:

Over the next two weeks, the State of Delaware will work with school leaders and public health experts to create a plan for Delaware students and educators as this coronavirus outbreak continues. We will specifically prepare for the potential impact of extended school closures on Delaware children and their families. Public school leaders should also undertake deep cleaning of their facilities during the two-week closure.

FILE PHOTO: Governor John Carney speaks with media after signing Executive Order #27, which will focus on improving re-entry procedures for incarcerated individuals in Delaware on Dec 4, 2018, at the Governor’s Office in Wilmington, DE. Photo By Saquan Stimpson


Delaware children deserve a world-class education and ongoing access to services that are delivered in our schools each day. Many students – especially those from disadvantaged communities – also rely on school meals for nutrition and other important social services. We will be working with districts to plan for providing learning opportunities and other meals and social services for our students in the event of an extended closure.

Read the full letter here