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Women Empowerment Is On The Rise

January 31, 2019

The Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) Delaware Pageant has started a series of “Wear Your Crown: Walking Into Queendom” seminars that will continue through May 28, 2019. The seminars are intended to encourage, inspire and empower women in Delaware; and are featuring women in the Tri-State Area who are WEARING THEIR CROWN. These women are business owners, politicians, and community members who have inspired others, or who are an inspiration, and whose stories should be heard.

Now, more than ever, we are living in an age of women empowerment.  Women are increasingly getting empowered to decide the course of their lives and professions and to realize their fullest potential in all opportunities like personal, social, economic, political, and legal. Currently, the United States Senate is seeing the highest proportion of women serving as U.S. Senators in history, with 25 women serving in the United States Senate.  In Delaware, the Delaware General Assembly has also seen a new level of women empowerment in 2019. Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman, a 39-year-old African-American woman, has replaced a 72-year-old white male, Sen. Robert Marshall, who retired after serving 40 years in the legislature. Women also ran and won races for attorney general, state treasurer, and state auditor.

State Senator Elizabeth Lockman of District three seen prior to Governor John Carney State of the State Address to a joint session of the Delaware legislature Thursday. Jan. 17, 2019, at Legislative Hall in Dover, DE. Photo By Saquan Stimpson

In Wilmington, Delaware, the Wilmington’s City Council has its first woman President, Dr. Hanifa Shabazz; and there are also 6 elected women working shoulder to shoulder with men on Wilmington’s City Council. One of the elected 6 women is Michelle Harlee, who is serving more than 9,000 residents as the City’s 4th District Councilwoman – one of the most diverse districts in Wilmington. 4th District Councilwoman Harlee is committed to voicing the concerns of her Constituents while working with Stakeholders and developing Public and Private Sector relationships. Recently, on January 29, 2019 “Wear Your Crown: Walking Into Queendom” seminar, Councilwoman Harlee shared her story and encouraged women to get more involved within their community.

4th District Council Member Michelle Harlee gives remarks at the wear your crown series Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019, at the Academy for Peace in Wilmington, DE. Photo By Yesenia Taveras

“I do believe that this is a time, right now, for women. When we think about 50 or 60 years ago, women were in the background. Women really couldn’t have a voice. When you look at the times we are living in, things have changed for women, women have changed and things are changing within our society,” she said. Councilwoman Harlee reminded women that it wasn’t until 1960 when women of color were given a right to vote. “I don’t think that things have changed enough as it relates to women. Yes, we are making some great strides, we are accomplishing a lot more, however, we still have some ways to go.” Councilwoman Harlee encouraged attendees to get involved within their community by Showing UP, Standing UP, and Speaking Up.

“You should want to be more connected and engaged civically, voice your concerns, and stand up to be heard. Sometimes you can talk, you can speak, but sometimes you’re not being heard. You want to make sure you’re doing all three…Show UP, Stand UP and Speak UP. When I say stand up, I really mean standing your ground, owning your power and using your voice,” Councilwoman Harlee shared.

For centuries women have been fighting their way to the top, fighting fearlessly and relentlessly to have the same rights as men and to share their possibilities and potential in life. There are more women, just like Councilwoman Harlee, who are Showing UP, Standing UP and Speaking UP. Now you have the chance to hear their stories and learn how they are WEARING THEIR CROWN in our society by attending one of the upcoming seminars. These women will be sharing real-life lessons, experiences, businesses, best practices and more to encourage women and young girls into their purpose. Check out the complete list below and attend one of the seminars for an opportunity to connect and collaborate with these phenomenal women.


Location: Academy For Peace, 203 North Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

Time: Held EVERY Tuesday from 6 pm to 9 pm.

List of speakers are as follows:

City of Wilmington’s Art & Culture Outreach Specialist Tonya Richardson, February 5th
Councilwoman At-Large Rysheema Dixon, February 12th
Connie Drummond, February 19th
Angelina Blackman, February 26th
Charmaine West, March 5th
Tiffiny Henderson, March 12th
Andrea Blassingame, March 19th
Diamonds and Pearls with Karen Montgomery, March 26th
Meah El, April 2nd
Lisa Hanson, April 9th
Nikki Robins-Thompson, April 16th
Aisha Malloy, April 23rd
Isabel Bradley, April 30th
Precious White-Alberts, May 7th
Kim Burdick May 14th
Laura Mazurek, May 21st
Dr. Jay Macklin, May 28th

By: Yesenia Taveras