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WITN Presents: Big Picture - Big Picture – Downtown Visions Community Award
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WITN Special Feature - Produced by Yesenia Taveras and Alexis Aurigemma
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Welcome to WITN22 Wilmington Television

Serving the community and people of Wilmington, Delaware.

WITN, Channel 22 is a government television station which is presented and managed by Wilmington City Council to provide City residents with a consistent connection to the activities and services of their government and to their neighbors and community. 

The WITN-TV mission is as follows:

  • To disseminate information about City services and relevant City issues.
  • To educate the community about functions of City government. 
  • To engage citizens in showcasing community events and activities. 
  • To present programming about aspects of the City’s varied neighborhoods and the people who live in those neighborhoods.

The WITN mission is achieved through the presentation of television programs via cable and internet that promote communications and dialogue among City residents, afford citizens more opportunities to become involved in the decisions made by their elected officials, and provide balanced discussions of the challenges and issues affecting the City. The WITN mission is continually achieved as citizens become more aware of their government and community, better informed about issues and remain active in the development of Wilmington’s current and future goals and objectives.